Project Insights: 3D Soldiers by Solarmy

Play-to-earn is one of the fastest growing trends in the NFT space with major projects utilizing their tokens as characters in online gaming.

3D Soldiers by Solarmy presents a unique opportunity to enter into the NFT gaming space for under 1 SOL.

The Soldier game is an NFT collection game where token holders can build, trade, and modify their collection of Soldiers to earn badges, upgrade their Soldiers with cool new accessories, compete in leaderboards, and even name their Soldiers using $Ammo.

$Ammo is Solarmy’s utility token that token holders earn to use in game experiences or to vote in the Soldier DAO.

It’s fair to say there are few NFT projects listed under 1 SOl that have made as many significant contributions to the NFT’s utility as Solarmy.

16% of the total 3D Soldiers are currently listed across Solanart, Solsea, and Magic Eden.

You can snag a Soldier today with a floor price of 0.6 SOL (under the average current sales price of 0.7 SOL).

However, the owners base seems to be shifting towards loyal Hodlers as the total number of listings has been steadily decreasing over the past month (down 17%).

Now may be a good time to check them out!

Check out the project on Magic Eden, SolanArt, SolSea, and Digital Eyes

Data pulled December 2, 2021 at 11am EST. Thanks to SolanaFloor and SolAnalysis.