Project Insights: Cyber Pharmacy

Cyber Pharmacy is a unique avatar project that consists of 9,992 far-out pharmacists - the project seeks to connect holders with the real-life benefits of medicinal and psychedelic treatments (all holders get a free CBD/wellness sample pack and wholesale pricing for life on products).

Knowing the buzz around these alternative medicines happening in the physical world, it was smart of the founders to rally their project around the ever-growing wellness sector.

Since their mint in October, the Cyber Pharmacy team has been busy executing on their roadmap - from sending out the sample wellness packs as promised to airdrops of Cyber Technicians.

Not to mention, the art is fantastic, super detailed with over 250 traits.

Only 15% of the items are listed across Solanart, Magic Eden & Solsea.

You can buy into the project for as low as 0.5 SOL now, which would be a good get, considering just a week ago, the floor was all the way up to 0.85 SOL and it’s consistently above 0.5 SOL.

Check out the project on Magic Eden, SolanArt, and SolSea

Data pulled December 2, 2021 at 11am EST. Thanks to SolanaFloor and SolAnalysis.